Brilliant Startup Concept

Wattage was an online store where people could buy online electronic devices, with interesting fact that the users could design the parts themselves. Wattage would manufacture that device with the user designed pattern and ship it to the address.

  • All the electronics products would be created using Wattage Online tools. The enclosures were locally made using laser cutters and 3D printers, and inside was a family of modular electronic components.
  • Wattage imagined people creating all sorts of interesting electronics products like podcast-streaming radios, or tactile games. Home automation gadgets, and music gizmos and many more.
  • Wattage was a platform to lower the barrier of entry so that people could express themselves through hardware, regardless of their technical sophistication.

When Shit happened !!

  • Start Up – Initiator 15%
  • Startup – Planning 42%
  • Startup – Execution 76%
  • Startup – Monitoring & Control 78%
  • Startup – Closure Strategy 53%
  • Startup – Other Shits 39%

Why Shit Happened !!


Business Model






Other Factors

How Shit Could Be Prevented !!

1. Better Business Model :- Better market research and initial trials to get the feel of customer actual need.

2. Better Product :- A product with better and simple user interface would have created more impact.

3. Better Man Power :- Dedicated team/professionals for specific tasks .

4. Better Planning:- Proper planning on each vertical : scope, schedule, technology, sales etc.

5. Better Finance Management:- Utilization of funds after getting consumer feedback.

6. Other Improvements:- Reaching local consumers more actively.

May the “Wattage” rest in peace.. !!

Fuckedup is a phrase that captures all the emotions associated with the startup journey.

If no concept clicks in your mind, you feel frustrated. If you are not able to manage a proper team for your startup, you feel irritated. If funds, revenue, expansion etc don’t take place as per planning and expectation, you feel infuriated.

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