Brilliant Startup Concept

Smart Electrical Switches were internet connect electrical switches and wall plugs that come with embedded sensors to detect ambient conditions in a room.

The key features of Smart Electrical Switches are:
1. Self learning and swarm Intelligence among switches that minimizes user intervention
2. Provide Detailed consumption analytics of every appliance.
3. Wireless network connectivity removes the need for hardwiring and a wi-fi gateway.
4. Embedded Sensors that measure ambient conditions along with electrical conditions to ensure rapid decision making for switches.

While a mobile app was provided to control the smart electrical switches, the product had been designed in such a way that the end user won’t need to use it

When Shit happened !!

  • Start Up – Initiator 95%
  • Startup – Planning 75%
  • Startup – Execution 15%
  • Startup – Monitoring & Control 18%
  • Startup – Closure Strategy 13%
  • Startup – Other Shits 43%

Why Shit Happened !!


Business Model






Other Factors

How Shit Could Be Prevented !!

1. Better Business Model :- Better market research and proper understanding of targeted consumer behavior

2. Better Management:- Proper cost and required features analysis

3. Better Finance Management:- Utilization of the funds for all the aspects of the product

4. Other Improvements:- Enhanced human resources involvement, reaching consumers more actively

May the “Smart Electrical Switch” rest in peace.. !!

Fuckedup is a phrase that captures all the emotions associated with the startup journey.

If no concept clicks in your mind, you feel frustrated. If you are not able to manage a proper team for your startup, you feel irritated. If funds, revenue, expansion etc don’t take place as per planning and expectation, you feel infuriated.

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