Brilliant Startup Concept

KOLOS was “the world’s first” racing wheel for full-sized iPads.

  • Kolos was customized gaming wheel for game freaks to give a simulation of real time racing.
  • Kolos was equipped with the feature of clamping to customize the height as per user need.
  • i-pad to be fitted in the jigs of kolos – racing wheel and get the actual feel of racing games instead of tilting ipad leading less control on racing car/bike.
Kolos - ipad Racing Wheel

When Shit happened !!

  • Start Up – Initiator 67%
  • Startup – Planning 78%
  • Startup – Execution 71%
  • Startup – Monitoring & Control 82%
  • Startup – Closure Strategy 79%
  • Startup – Other Shits 59%

Why Shit Happened !!


Business Model






Other Factors

How Shit Could Be Prevented !!

1. Better Business Model :- Enhanced market research to know the actual response of targeted consumers on prototype of actual product.

2. Better Product :- Making the product adaptable for all the tablets as well as phones.

3. Better Man Power :- Dedicated team/personnel for specific tasks .

4. Better Planning:- Proper planning on each vertical of business: customer engagement, sales strategies etc.

5. Better Finance Management:- Utilization of funds in improving product and reaching local consumers.

6. Other Improvements:- Better marketing of product, creating market of game freaks.

May the “Kolos” rest in peace.. !!