In the highly competitive market where startups are trying to enhance their presence by cash burn tactics, expansions, acquisitions etc, Practo, doctors discover directory and booking platform, launches its operations in Brazil, the largest market in Latin America. Present market based captured by Practo includes Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Brazil.

Launching first in Sao Paulo, Practo said it will list over 5,500 verified doctors, covering nearly 50 percent of all clinics in the city through its Practo’s app and website. Practo Search and Practo Ray both will be made available in Portuguese and English.

Brazil has most of the demographics that we look at in while venturing into a market, it is a large market, the out of pocket spends are high and it seemed like the right choice after covering the larger southeast Asian markets. The healthcare market in Brazil is growing in double digits YoY” adds Shashank ND, Founder and CEO, Practo.

To ensure the reliability of Data, Practo said it had scrutinized through every street in the city to collect and verify information of healthcare professionals, adding that the listing of verified doctors was at no expense to the healthcare clinics. The company also launched Practo Ray, its cloud based hospital management solution, which will be made available in Brazil at a subscription of BRL 750 (roughly Rs. 13,600) per month.

Practo Launches Operations in Brazil – Enhances its Presence in Global Market

Not to remain limited to Sao Paulo, Practo is planning aggressive expansion by covering Rio de Janeiro and eventually to all large cities in Brazil. Also, it would expand its consumer service in other healthcare segments like wellness, fitness, preventive, and curative.

Previously, Practo has acquired Insta Health Solutions, hospital information management solution provider, Qikwell, which has expertise in appointment scheduling at hospitals, Genii and Fitho as well to enhance its services and support.

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