Are you an entrepreneur? If you answer “no” just because you don’t own a business, you may not be right. Being an entrepreneur is all about mindset. So, are you an entrepreneur or an employee? Let’s find out:

Entrepreneur Vs Employee Mindset

  • Entrepreneur thinks and works for X times yearly growth while normal person (employee) thinks and works for X% growth per year.
  • Entrepreneur considers problem as opportunity while normal person consider it as problem only.
  • Entrepreneur is solution oriented person while normal person is blame game oriented
  • Entrepreneur devotes his time in analyzing things while normal person devotes his time in following things.
  • Entrepreneur is passionate and determined for providing something better to others while normal person is dedicated to make his life better (not necessarily himself).
  • Entrepreneur is passionate to learn new things and make his life as a continuous learning cycle and employs learn only the necessary stuff.
  • Risks are essential part of entrepreneur life while employee always tries to play safe game.
  • Failure can’t shake true entrepreneur while small success is more than sufficient for normal person.
  • Normal people have small goals like buying home, cars and other luxuries and remain trapped in it while entrepreneur has bigger goal to achieve first.
  • Normal person compares himself with other normal person and dies with jealousy, superiority complex and insecurity while entrepreneur compares himself with successful person and tries his best to be better than previous day.
  • Decisions of life of normal person are based on the market trends( for example – if higher degree is able to give more salary package, person will jump without thinking what he actually wants to do) while that of entrepreneur are based on their will and goal.

The only difference is of thinking. Goal of employee is to get settled with assumed amount of money per month in hand, getting some so called luxury stuff and wait for death while that of entrepreneur is to experiment, learn, analyze and improve stuff for normal people.