Started in 2012 by 12 students of IIT Bombay, today Housing is left with only three members of original founding team – Chief Technology Officer Abhishek Anand, Chief Product officer Snehil Buxy, and Head of Digital Marketing Amrit Raj, after its Co-founder and former board member Advitiya Sharma resigned from Housing recently.

Advitiya moved out of Housing with plan of his own venture “I have not firmed up my plans yet. I have a few ideas in education and cleantech.” In his farewell email, he wrote to his employees, “But the toughest phase in our history, was the last nine months. Nothing haunts a team more than a threat to the survival of what it stands for.”

It’s a right phase, where housing raised funding Rs. 100 crore from SoftBank, Advitiya felt it was a good move to leave as everything was getting steady. It was not pre-planned, he made his mind and discussed with his peers, mentors.

Housing Mail

Ever since Housing has appointed outsider Jason Kothari, it has been enduring a management restructuring and change in direction. Housing has fired 800 people and shutdown several departments. It has also shut down its house rental service to focus on home buying domain.

Another Co-founder Advitiya Sharma Resigned from Housing

In 2012 housing came in limelight for its map based directory of rental properties in Mumbai. Further, housing introduced “point of interest”, a map based locator of all the nearby facilities like restaurants, ATM, Shopping Malls etc. Later it introduced CFI – Child friendliness index, to judge the property and area friendliness from child prospective. In 2013, with 3 rounds of funding, housing extended its reach in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad etc. along with new vertical like Buy and Resale Section, Land Section, Price Heat Map, Grid View, PGs services etc. In 2014, housing got further 2 rounds of funding, along with the introduction of new features like Home Loans, Slice View, Demand Supply Monitoring, Rental Agreement etc. In 2015, it remained in news for its CEO – Rahul Yadav firing / forced resignation, employee firing and acquisition of Indian Real Estate Form, Reality Business Intelligence, Home Buy 360, Plat and Big BHK.