Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and with that comes the opportunity for the clever sellers.  Which spot Lovers are selecting to meet up? Which medium of transportation they are going to use for their romantic date? What type of breakfast, lunch or dinner are going to be on the radar of love birds? Not to forget the “Red Rose & Chocolate delivery”. What could be the unique service which would make the experience on this Valentine’s day a special one?

You See – potential is huge and startups are trying innovative ways to be a partner in your Valentine’s day celebration. Some of them are offering simple promo codes while others are trying a bit harder to serve you with a fantastic approach into your personal space. Some are attracting their customers by helping them in selection of the perfect romantic date gift and celebration while others are recommending the most innovative ways to impress their loved ones. And why should they not try their best to win the loyalty of their customers? After every single good service to a customer these startups win at least two hearts and not to mention “word of mouth” publicity.

FS Labs has done the research on how startups are impressing the love birds on this valentine’s week. Their services  are impressive, innovative and value for money for their customers.

Foodpanda – Customer Trends

Forgetting the most important date is natural for the guys like us. When there is a T-20 match going on with Kohli going bonkers , who remembers about some “Rose day”?  These “who cares” attitude  comes with its own reward. We get lectures on how we remember some “98” scored by Tendulkar twelve years back but not being able to recall the most important day of our own life. And then we realize how big a crime we have committed. The entire scenario gets closed if and only if we accept our crime and adopt some innovative way to make “Her” happy.

Foodpanda is attracting customers by sending the lovers’ chit-chat screenshot or cartoon-ed scenario via its targeted email marketing strategies. Here is the screenshot for you. Aren’t they hitting the sweet spot? And let me tell you – In my case this was the savior.

Food Panda Valentine Week Email Marketing

Ola – Customer Satisfaction

Traveling  to your favorite spot with your loved one for a romantic date on Valentine’s day is next big thing you could think of. On Such occasions budget is not always a thing which people look for but when a service provider is offering a discounted service just to make your day special – it’s an offer which no one will refuse to accept.

These Ola Guys are trying to win hearts of hell loads of customers by offering an one shop solution to all the “Valentine’s day” needs. “Gift – Shop – Eat- Travel” these four pretty much sum up the Valentine’s day.

  • Ola is trying to attract customers by offering discounts on ride and gifts – Ola has partnered with Flaberry to help customers express their love. Ola would send 100 lucky customers’ beloved a bouquet of 6 roses, a cute teddy bear and 2 chocolates on their behalf.
  • Ola has also partnered with selected restaurants in Delhi-NCR to give discounts on food bill. Ola would offer 25% discounts on bill amount at the selected restaurants between 8-14 Feb if the Ola travel invoice of same day is presented.

Ola Valentine Week - Customer Attracting Strategies

Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart & Grabyourlooks – Customer Convenience and Suggestion

What gift should be given to the beloved is the biggest challenge in front of every person. The probability to get woo by your partner is quite low if the selection of gift is not appealing.

E-commerce giants like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart have categorized their product catalogues to recommend their customers with the best choice of gifts fitting to the occasion.

Grab Your Looks is trying to attract female customers by aggregating the selected product catalogue of e-commerce players at one place. It’s a superb market place which suggests girls the type of dress based on the occasion. Nothing could be better to impress your girl than suggesting her the dress for Valentine’s day .

Amazon Valentine Week - Customer Convenience and Suggestion

Grab Your Looks Valentine Week - Customer Convenience and Suggestion

Urban Clap – Customer Recommendation

To think of something different, apart from conventional gift options chocolates, cake, soft toys, flowers etc, to force the customer to think in different dimension – Urban Clap is recommending its customers with different ideas for memorable Valentine’s day like Live Music at Home, Personal Chef at Home, Romantic Décor, Complimentary Gift etc.

Adding to their unique service list Urban clap has also joined hands with Bombay Shaving Company to gift the guys – yes you have read it right –  a  the ultimate grooming experience – a professional lather, shave, and face massage that’ll make him feel like a changed man at just Rs. 799! and this will work wonders for those ladies who do not like the “bearded look” of their Hero. Check the snaps below. Though the look on the guy’s face is alarming – but the luxury of getting a that experience at home with a reasonable price is worth trying.

Urban Clap Valentine Week - Customer Recommendation - Save the Date

Urban Clap Valentine Week - Customer Recommendation

FS Outlook

Customer Relationship Management is the essential element of startup success. Suggesting and recommending your services to consumers as per their trends and need is a good strategy to attract the consumer base towards your product or service. Startups must focus on maintaining the healthy relationship with their customers to expect the best response from consumers.

Stay tuned with FS to know more.

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