Was Lord Rama a genius business strategist? How do our modern pundits rate him? How Ramayana does inspire us about business strategy?

Lord Rama had several business propositions in front of him. To go to Lanka & bring Goddess Seeta back to India being the ultimate goal. Though he was mighty enough to make even Ocean gods look like a pleading nanny, still he sent Hanuman to Lanka to deliver a massage to both: Goddess Seeta and doomed King Ravana.

Young guns vouching to make a big name in entrepreneurship world tend to over work. They decide to do everything themselves. One reason being cost optimization & other being the thinking that they are the only one who could do a particular task that fast; they think they are the only  jugulars dealing with more than 6 ball at a time.  Though every vision & idea is great, what it specifically requires is a commander and a dedicated team to command.

Lord Rama is God himself. He knows everything – Past, Present & Future. He is capable of knowing where Seeta is kept captive & who has kidnapped her, yet He Seeks help from Sugreev in search. Even after Rainy season is over, when Sugreeva doesn’t turn up, Rama still sends Laxaman to remind Sugreeva about the vow he had made. Rama is acting as a navigator and ultimate leader. He knows which team member he needs to pull strings of.

Navigating the idea in proper direction is most important aspect in the quest of entrepreneurial glory. Execution of idea is equally important. If leader himself becoming the executioner, he will surely loose the sight of road. His Mercedes is destined to doom and so are the passengers! Leader’s job should be restricted to marketing & innovation.

Once clear that large army will have to cross the mighty ocean, Rama the resourceful archer, tries to follow normal procedure : praising king of ocean and thereby getting a way for his army. Only when all the patience was gone and 3 days were over, Rama took out the bow to make way for army. He never fell shy of trying and defaulting the procedure. Rather he took lead everywhere.

After their company folded, Dijiwan’s leaders wrote this: ” A good product idea and a strong technical team are not a guarantee of a sustainable business. One should not ignore the business process and issues of a company because it is not their job. It can eventually deprive them from any future in that company. ”

What Rama Did was – He worked on his business! What Dijiwan’s Did- They worked for their business. And the difference my friends are that Rama is known as one of the greatest king ever & Digiwans are a doomed Start up.