2010 was a time when ‘3 Idiots’ was more famous than ‘E commerce’. Out of the Way thinking and following one’s goal type of thinking was getting into limelight. UPA2 was somehow managing the great Indian economic show but opportunities for employment were still scarce.

And then came the Boom! Few Entrepreneurs were betting on the risk taking ability of Indian Consumers and they brought in the E commerce model. With it they brought in a platform which, in a matter of few clicks, was selling all the products one could think of buying only in brick and mortar stores. Nobody had ever imagined that people from all the cities Tier I, II, III would be buying products ranging from 10 rupee key chain to 50k iphone online.

Boom Persisted. Now it’s almost half a decade. Some of these entrepreneurs are more famous than 3 Idiots. Companies running on these platforms are valued in billions. Success of e-commerce business model was driven by the genuine problem faced by people – availability of products in Tier II and II cities and alternative of time constraint in Tier I cities.

E-Commerce Business Model

FS brings a pictorial analysis of “E-Commerce Business Model” – Basic Concept, Cash Flow, Break Even, Benefits etc.

E-commerce Business Model - Inventory Based

E-commerce Business Model - Market Based

E-commerce Business Model - Mixed Model

How to manage the show - Vendors, E-commerce Player, Logistics Player

E-commerce Business Model - Cash Flow of Mixed Model

E-commerce - How to Decide the Running Profit level

E-commerce Business Model - Benefits to Stake Holders

With enhanced verticals of e-commerce business, better customer relationship management to gain their trust and targeted marketing to relevant consumers, the success probability of e-commerce business model is quite high.

Read here about the betterment of two e-commerce giant – Flipkart – e-commerce giant of electronics, home appliances, books, apparel etc and Myntra – leading e-commerce player of fashion and apparel (though both merged together)

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