Are you facing any problem to find a house for rent/purchase? Go to Housing, Common Floor etc and get the list of all available properties nearby. Are you not feeling well and need to find a doctor in your area? Check Practo and it will direct you to the doctor as per your need. Directory portals are increasing day by day as it solves the problem of locating the relevant need just few clicks away. Hence these portals are able to get traction at very high rates. The founders are also to monetize their portals by converting it from directory to communication tool by incorporating the related services into it.

Directory portal business model is generally a combination of free and paid services. The listing is made available at free of cost to get traction and paid service are included to generate revenue. Paid service might vary from online booking to consumer management system based on the domain of directory portal.

Directory Portal Business Model

FS brings a pictorial analysis of “Directory Portal Business Model” – basic concept, examples and development approach –

Directory Portals - Cash Flow Overview

Example 1 - Real State Portal

Example 2 - Doctor Search Portal

Example 3 - Restaurant Discovery Portal

Directory Portals - Approach to Develop Business Model

Directory portal alone is difficult to monetize but the probability of getting revenue through it by incorporating the related services is quite high. The time span that is required to develop business model around directory portal may vary depending on the traction that you are able to fascinate.

User interface is the key attraction for consumers of directory portal, so it should be designed in the most attractive and convenient way. The feedback of consumer is also of equal importance to understand the consumer need and scope of improvement in existing setup. So CRM channel shall be incorporated to understand the consumers.

Are you planning to startup a directory portal and hit the market? Here is the first cut planning for you – “Generic Analysis of Directory Portals”

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