News is packaged information about any event that is happening somewhere. News is always important to keep yourself up to date. Specifically for Startups, there are a lot of platforms that capture the information related with startups like YourStory, TechStory, TechinAsia etc. Almost all the startup news capturing platforms are having same architect, let’s take example of YourStory-

Here is small analysis of “What & How of YourStory”

Existing Setup:

First & foremost requirement of writing about startups is staying updated. That’s the first thing one will notice while peeking at YourStory. YourStory is full with loads of information in following areas:

  • Startup News: Your Story captures all the recent news- funding stats, which is getting next big buck in startup industry, core team, business model related to startups. So it becomes a nice promotion platform for startups to make their presence visible. A single story on YourStory is better bet than shedding truck load of bucks on mere publicity.
  • Startup Meets: It also conducts startup meets to give chance to people to pitch their idea to investors and get feedback on their business model.
  • Social and Her Story: YourStory has separate sub domains for social works and women entrepreneurs. So if someone wishes to get the specific updated, these sub domains could be used.
  • Job Portal: YourStory also update its register with the available openings in Startups. So it helps startups to get the required talent as well as the opportunities for talent.


Better YourStory

Better Startup News: Existing YourStory portfolio includes only the successful startup stories. It provides funding stats, core team details and the product portfolio of the startup. From news points of view, these information are good, but from Entrepreneur point of view, it becomes least helpful for startups/new entrepreneurs.

Here are few suggestions to make it better platform –

  • Startup Idea Selection/Evaluation – One of the biggest challenges before new entrepreneurs is that they have no clue to evaluate their startup idea. Or What if anyone else in the past has tried luck with the same idea? YourStory should focus on the idea selection and evaluation process of successful entrepreneurs, i.e what it is different in the successful startups? This would help new entrepreneurs to take decision while thinking of a startups idea.
  • Startup Problems – Major problems in the journey of startups comes in the initial phase of startup, when entrepreneurs have limited funds, high motivation but zero guidance & less planning. YourStory should also focus on those problems and should write about how successful entrepreneurs came out of that situation. It will be a big boost for new entrepreneurs who will get a picture of risks and opportunities beforehand.
  • Funding Challenges – A lot of entrepreneurs have amazing business model but have very less clue how to pitch their idea to investors. How did successful entrepreneurs present themselves to potential VCs, How did they prepare themselves for various funding rounds of funding!! A focus on these approaches will be a boost in terms of attracting new entrepreneurs to YourStory.
  • Future Business Model – YourStory should also focus on the future business idea of successful startups to give a feel of entrepreneur mind from business point of view.

Comparison of Startups: Comparison of same domain startups showing advantages over one another would definitely be beneficial for people.

Linkage between Entrepreneurs and Investors: Startup meets are nice business model from YourStory point of view. But are they really helpful for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas? One of the better ways is to conduct online sessions where people could save 6-10k tickets of startup meet. Definitely pre assessment of startup idea before presenting it to investors or people is required.

Startup Guidelines: Comprehensive analysis of thousands of success stories will definitely generate proper guidelines for startups. YourStory should release comprehensive guidelines for startup capturing all the possible problems based on successful startups rather than in bits and pieces.

These were few suggestions from FS to YS. Wish YourStory luck for their success.