About Tedx.

“Ideas worth Spreading” This is the theme on which a whole new internet based ecosystem of TEDx is running. Its aim is to help individuals, communities or organizations to spark conversation through a simple tool – Idea Sharing through Ted Talks. You go through its website and you will be simply awestruck with the content:  stories, videos, motivational stuff, entrepreneurs lecture, though based  lectures, country special content.!! Everything is there.

How it works :

Live shows have a limited seats on offer for public and attending any show is generally a costly affair  for common man. TEDx a Live platform that provides stage for sharing  ideas,thoughts & experiences to masses in a unique way. Here is the detail :

  • Its a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes.
  • 18 minutes is the limit so that audience could be attentive and receptive for the ideas.
  • Well formed ideas are presented in TEDx talks.
  • TEDx Talk show Contains – Big Ideas, Tech Demo, any performance, Artist Statement, Amazing stories or inventions, small ideas & issue talks.

And then , TEDx event is a local gathering where live TEDx -like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community. Each TEDx event is well planned and is unique in design & content. It is organized independently.

Critical Analysis of TEDx & Suggestions for Betterment:

Here are few suggestions from FS to make it better:

  1. No Rating of videos : Viewers are not told about the quality of the video rather they have to make wild gess about how interesting a video would be. Normally rated videos are accepted critically by the viewers.So by adding Star rating to a video will create a sense of critical viewing and people will have some reference while selecting a video to watch.
  2. No challenge for the ideas : Ideas presented in the TEDx talks are seldom challenged. Ideas are treated as if it is coming directly out of newtons diary and it is going to change the world. Hence most ideas are mere thoughts without proper corollary to support them. By checking and challenging the ideas presented by various so called scholars TEDx talks can be a source of innovation.
  3. Interrogation of presenter , not appreciated : During TEDx shows one thing is highly demotivated. Audience is not allowed to challenge the presenter. Rather the crowd is always behaving as per the tone of speech. Anyone who ever asks question is not appreciated much as he is not aligned with the flow of speech/presentation. This is detrimental to the development & refinement of ideas
  4. Inaccuracies & Errors in videos : Sometimes errors get encapsulated into the lectures given by the scholars on TEDx but there is no check as such. This definitely works against the image & quality of the Show. These inaccuracies must be checked before putting the video up for viewers.
  5. Elitist image but mediocre speakers : Image of the TEDx is like any other elitist club but the level of presenters is not that great. Mediocrity associated with the speakers is another concern. TEDx should try to alter its image by including some well known names from each area into its lecture panel.
  6. Originality of the ideas : It is another issue and sometimes crowd is presented with an Idea which is already making rounds in local news as well.
  7. Crowd pulling ability – Nill : Crowd never tries to grab a glimpse of TEDx talk show just because of its publicity. No such thing is associated with TEDx shows. Most of them are a mere time pass . They seldom affect the wisdom of the crowd and they seldom make any statement as such to the viewers.
  8. Oversimplification of ideas : Generally ideas are oversimplified and linked with the discovery of presenter to make them understandable to the crowd. This way neither the idea nor the presenter have been able to make an impact on the crowd. Wow factor is often lost in between.
  9. Dependability on presenters likability : Presenter’s acceptability to the crowd is another issue. Some of them are monotonous, some of them are over stressing. Apt presenter is as good a requirement as an apt critic is.
  10. Need More Promotion: Still it’s been 30 years, TEDx a big name but cornered(non-famous) and its , they require some publicity, people need to know about videos. Thousand of ad agencies can help them out from corner to front picture.
  11. Use On Air platform: On-Air can help out to reach masses. These days there are few global family shows, people will love to watch, sit and enjoy each and every moments, because of their ingredient such as awareness, courage, inspire, emotions, feelings, survival etc.
  12. Use Local Languages: Language is the another barrier by dubbing of videos in different local language could make viewers understand the actual “Gyan” (knowledge) behind the TEDx talk show.
  13. Failure Stories: On TEDx we can easily find videos where the people talk about their success survivals. But we do not find any one of failure stories, from which people could learn, what gonna they do when he/she stuck in similar situations. Adding such videos could definitely act as the game changer for TEDx as people will refer it as a learning medium.

Lets hope TEDx takes a little bit of time to make it more popular among the viewers. Lets hope TEDx brings not only well formed but well challenged ideas for public criticism.