“Shuttl” is a mobile based Mini Bus Service operating in Delhi NCR, India that provides daily commute at a very economical price.

Existing Setup :

Commuters can book a seat on the bus via shuttl app  for predefined routes and get benefits such as good buses, reserved seats, flexibility in timing and economically viability


  • Online Booking: You don’t need to waste time in waiting and negotiations for daily commute
  • Convenient: Traveling in AC bus is convenient than the existing options like rickshaw, e-rickshaw, auto etc.
  • Economical: The traveling cost is much cheaper to fit the pocket of each.


  • Limited Routes: The routes on which shuttl operates is limited so the market base is limited.
  • Limited Fleet: Since the traveler buses are limited, also the city traffic restricts the fleet size, so the frequency on a route is limited.
  • Limited Reach: Since the operation of Shuttl is app based, hence the market base gets limited to certain age group and class.


Better Shuttl

Shuttl is a concept that has an amazing potential to increase its market base and hence revenue model. Here are few tips to make it better :-

Fleet Base: Since the number of travel bus available is limited, also the city traffic restrictions, the fleet base is the biggest challenge. Here are few tips to make the fleet base better :-

  • Operational Excellence: With the limited number of bus on a particular route, one way is to ensure the required frequency based on customer demand is to achieve the operation excellence, the same model as used by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.
    Eg:- Say the frequency on a route to be maintained is 5 min and the two way trip takes 1 hour. So the fleet required is equal to 60/5 = 12
    Hence if 12 buses run at an interval of 5 min on the route, the frequency will not get disturbed.
    The other factors to be considered are the traffic jam and other operations hurdles, based on their analysis, certain additional buses could be managed on the route.
  • Increased Fleet: The fleet could be increased by incorporation different vehicles as well. Say the idle cabs on the road are one better way to increase the fleet size.

Market Base: Since the daily users of Shuttl are limited right now, there is an urgent need to incorporate techniques to increase the market base. Here are few tips to capture the large market base:-

  • Offline Booking: Offline booking option shall increase the market base of those people that are untouched because of app base.
  • Corporate Tie ups: Tie ups with corporate shall increase the market base along with a fixed monthly profit margin.
  • Dedicated Fleet: If the other vehicles like cabs are involved in the business model, dedicated fleet for certain area people could be a great market place.
  • Flexible Pickup Point: Once the fleet base is stabilized, the flexibility of pickup and drop points could be a better way to increase the market base.

Other Improvements: Here are few other tips to make Shuttl better

  • Better User Interface: Improved user interface to give attraction to consumers.
  • Map based Tracking: Map based tracking of vehicles is a nice concept to facilitate people with the easy communication and tracking.
  • Seats Availability Tracking: Map based tracking combined with the available seats in the bus is a nice way to attract consumer in need.

Shuttl is a concept that has much potential in the current scenario provided it improves its presence and makes itself more convenient for consumers.

Wishing luck to “Shuttl” for exponential future growth.