Food ordering and delivery startups are attracting entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and consumers. Foodpanda, TinyOwl, Swiggy are some of the big known name of food aggregator and delivery startups.

In recent months Food panda have been in lime light for all wrong reasons. There was news about rocket internet backed company facing stiff competition from other Indian market players.

Still FS Labs is of hope that Food panda could revive its magic back by simply following some of the tricks listed below-

[A] Enhanced Product Base

Product base is the biggest source to attract consumers. For Food panda product base means the data about the food offered by different food outlets.  Larger the product base, more are the chances of customers to get attracted towards a food ordering portal. If consumers have large number of food options available at one portal, definitely it would be able to attract consumers to maintain its frequency of visit to same portal every time for the related needs. Key is to convert a customer and then to retain this conversion into future orders.

The existing setup of Food Panda is limited to the famous restaurants of the nearby locality. One possible way to make better foodpanda is by introducing the more products in it. Apart from famous restaurants following are the options to enhance the product base-

Local/Street Food – Local/ Street food is always able to attract consumers mainly because of cost effectiveness, easily availability and taste attraction.

Street vendors that are famous in nearby area and have proven their reliability could also be included along with famous restaurants. The major problems of ensuring the availability, smooth communication flow and operational cost with these local / street vendors could easily be maintained in following manner –

  • Easy login and logout option to ensure the availability of famous street vendors, so that the cost of order cancellation could be avoided. Same could also be used for other vendors as well.
  • To minimize the communication gaps, the major flow of communication could be made between delivery personnel and consumer.
  • To minimize the operational cost of delivery for these small value orders, it supply chain could be optimized by grouping of orders, advance ordering facility and optimized minimum order value.

FS Labs - Better Food Panda

Nearby Home Based Food Delivery Service – Apart from famous restaurants and street food vendors, there are lot of food providers who work from home basis.

For home cooked lovers, health conscious people and home based food delivery service provider food panda could be made a platform for buying and selling. The major problems with these providers could easily be managed as explained above. The profit margin could be generated by charging registration fees etc. Only pickup facility could be kept as the option of delivery if the home delivery is not cost optimum.

Timely Updating the List of Serving Hotels – In past there had been several issues about Food Panda website accepting the offer even though the restaurant has ceased its operations. Customers have taken advantage of that and have managed to get decent offers from Food panda team (Which did so citing some technical issue). Ultimately Food panda served customers from some other hotel and offered them coupons worth thousands which was ultimately a loss for Food Panda books.

For preventing such events from happening in future, real time tracking of hotel is quite necessary. Food Panda team should ensure that whatever list they are displaying on the website is the real and fit and operational. This way they will gain confidence of customers.

[B] Enhanced Consumer Base

To increase the consume base up to its maximum limit is the basic target of any of the startup. The market volume for food panda is quite huge including the person of every age group that uses internet and have the power to buy food online.

Consumer base of these online food delivery portals is limited in terms of users and their frequency. So food panda could be made better by deploying the strategies to enhance both of these-

[1] Existing Consumers– The main objective for existing consumers relationship management is by ensuring the better frequency of their visits. For existing consumers following strategies could be followed by food panda to make it better –

Better UI – Use Interface is the key point of attraction for consumers, and hence leads towards the enhanced frequency of use.

The existing UI is limited to the listing of restaurants and respective menus. The User Interface of food panda could be made better by incorporating the other filters – like particular food search option and comparison in all the available choices etc.

Targeted Marketing and Discounts – Extensive marketing and discounts are the two major strategies that are being followed by food panda to infiltrate the market base.

Consumers that the getting attracted because of discounts provided by food panda requires the same motivation to stay connected with food panda.One of the best strategies to maintain the frequency of such consumers is by analyzing their pattern of buying and providing them the relevant suggestions and discounts.

Fraud-Free Delivery and Online Order Placing to Hotel – There have been many issues with Food Panda in which fraud orders were being served (Either from a fraud hotel or from a fraud customer). There have been late orders placing from Food Panda team (to serving hotel). These incidents put negative image in mind of customer.

Time bound order placing, Fraud free service and giving customers a live window for order tracking would be an instant hit.

[2] New Consumers –The main objective for new consumer relationship management is to convince them to use your portal for food ordering and delivery. For new consumers following strategies could be followed by food panda to make it better-

Tier 2 and 3 Cities – The present reach of food panda is limited to the metro cities only and few of the Tier 2 cities. The best way to enhance the consumer base is by extending the reach to tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.

Group Offers – Other way to cash in the groups in various working places is to offer group discounts. This obviously reduces the delivery cost and increases the amount per order.

Targeting Lunch Box at office – Another area of betterment could be the healthy Lunch on offer for corporate world. In cities where most of couples are working, it’s difficult for them to manage healthier lunch. By targeting lunch box and serving t hot and healthy could be next big thing for Food Panda.

[C] Enhanced Consumer Services

One of the best sustainability strategies, once you are out of starting and growth phase and reaching towards stability, is by making your name known for everything related to your niche.

Today food panda is known only for food ordering and delivery service. It could be made better by incorporating following in the existing portal-

Restaurant Tracking – Map based tracking of nearby food panda verified restaurants would be beneficial for both of the stakeholders, food panda as well as vendors. For food panda, it would help in better consumer engagement and for vendors; it would help in increased sales.

Food Related Service – Other food related services like recipe for different dishes;video tutorials etc. could also be incorporated in existing food panda setup to enhance the consumer engagement.

Combined Ordering – The existing setup of food panda allows ordering from one restaurant in one order, multiple restaurants ordering in one single order could be a good strategy to attract consumers.

User Review and Recommendation – User review and recommendation option for restaurants would also be beneficial for users to decide the right choice while placing food order.

Other Business Verticals – Food panda could also be made better by incorporating the other business verticals like grocery delivery etc.

Stay tuned with FS Labs for more updates.