As an entrepreneur what do you wish for? Obviously – Name, Fame and Money. But before that you need a brilliant startup idea, business model and list of common mistakes that entrepreneurs generally made, to ensure the success in one shot.

So here are the details of information required to unleash the entrepreneur in you:-

Startup Guidelines: Every single concept survives in the market if and only if it is executed in efficient and effective manner. Most of the startups die because the new entrepreneurs have very little knowledge of startup execution and business model. Take any example of startups working in same domain. Majorly one player survives because of its perfection in execution.

  • E Commerce – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, ebay are running smoothly capturing a large market base while other small e-commerce startup are struggling to survive in the market.
  • Food Delivery – Foodpanda, Tiny Owl, Swiggy are known names in the domain of food delivery that are running because of their excellence of business model and perfection in execution.
  • Grocery – PepperTap and Grofers are known name in the grocery market while hundreds are struggling for their survival in the market.

Definitely one of the major reasons behind their success is “Timely Funding” but still another major factor is their excellent execution to win the consumer trust. So, perfect guidelines at every stage are always required to ensure the success.

  • Startup Idea Evaluation : To evaluate your startup idea on the possible vertical is important to check the feasibility and acceptability of your idea.
  • Startup Planning : Planning on each vertical is required to minimize the probability of mistakes before hand.
  • Startup Execution : Flawless execution is key factor to win the race of startup.
  • Startup Monitoring and Control : To mitigate the risks and enhance the opportunities is critical to survive in the competitive market.
  • Startup Closure (Exit Strategy if it fails) : Parallel development of exist strategy is important to ensure the minimal loss.

Startup Mistakes and Failures: Success stories are always inspiring, but failure stories are equally important to understand the major and common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs.

There are lot of platforms that provides stories of successful startups like YourStory, TechStory, TEDx. But almost none of the platforms capture failure stories.

The comprehensive analysis of startup failure is always beneficial for entrepreneurs so that all the common mistakes could be avoided.

RewardMe – CRM for Local Commerce, Fastr – Business Service App, Wattage – Customized Hardware, Gugo – Social Intelligence Platform are few examples that died because of no proper guidance.

Startup Business Model: Having a brilliant startup concept is different but converting it into a sustainable business model is different. New entrepreneurs are generally inspired by existing platforms, but the scope of improvement in those successful platforms is more important to understand the startup business model.

Eg: Better Shuttl, Better Flipkart, Better TEDx, Next Housing are few such examples that open the mind of entrepreneurs from business model point of view.

Here is Fuckedup Startups:

All three information combined are the guidelines for any entrepreneur. Fuckedup Startups is constructed to provide all these information under one umbrella to help new entrepreneurs to write their success stories. Apart from this, it also gives a scope of discussion on the thoughts.

Fuckedup Startups is helping a lot of startups in writing their success stories by providing all the possible support. So feel free to contact us on if you need any support or write us your suggestions.

So unleash the entrepreneur in you. Wish you luck for your success.

Fuckedup is a phrase that captures all the emotions associated with the startup journey.

If no concept clicks in your mind, you feel frustrated. If you are not able to manage a proper team for your startup, you feel irritated. If funds, revenue, expansion etc don’t take place as per planning and expectation, you feel infuriated.

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