When you are in the planning phase of your startup, it is necessary to capture all the work scope, major work or minor tasks everything.

Provided you have evaluated your idea and are determined to start your own venture, here is the list how to define the work scope of your startup.

Let’s take an example that you are planning to launch e-commerce website which is far away better than the existing platforms. Better is to start with the final output what is required for your startup and then break it down into small pieces of work.




  • Start with the list of activities in sequence that you need to do. Eg: for e commerce website, Website Design – Products Selection – Supply Chain Development – Marketing of Website – Execution and Control of Work. Let’s take only these five steps right now.
  • Now, list down the work associated with each step:-
  • Website Design:- You need to list down all the activities that are required to develop a website. Eg:- user interface layout, back end coding, social media accounts.
  • Products Selection: – Once your website is ready, you need a large product catalogue in it. So parallel to website development or in sequence, depending on the resources available with you, you need to manage your inventory or select vendors for your startup.
  • Supply Chain:- Once products are finalized, you  need to develop a supply chain to deliver your orders. So a strong logistics and supply chain management is required.
  • Marketing:- Once you are ready with the above stuff, you need consumers for your product. So publicize your startup as much as possible. You can also do this step in parallel to your website development to ensure the large market base prior to launch of the startup.
  • Execution and Control:– When consumers start placing orders on your website, you need to ensure the smooth execution of delivery.
  • Break down the activities again into small pieces as much as possible. It will give you the clear picture of all the work that needs to be done. Eg:- Social media account:- Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

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