Once you have decided work breakdown structure for your startup and also estimated the cost required for each activity, the next step is to define the time line for your entire work.

Since the initial stage of startup is without profit margin and hence most frustrating phase. Unlike a job, you or other members might feel down as their is no instant source of motivation like salary. So the best way to keep track of the progress and to provide motivation to team members is a “Pre-defined Timeline” for each activity.

Here are the guideline to define timeline for your startup-

Work Breakdown Structure – Since work breakdown structure is in the sequence of execution, so starting point is the same. Estimate the time frame for each activity or assign a realistic time frame for each activity.

Sequential Activities – Next step is to identify the activities that are related with each other and can’t be executed in parallel. So these activities will define the time span of your startup work.

Eg:- Website design and supply chain management are dependent activities and could be started after the end phase of first activity.

Parallel Activities – Next step is to fit the activities that could be executed in parallel. So these activities shall get overlapped with the above sequential activities.

Eg:- Website development, social media accounts, market survey, vendor and supply chain development, all these activities are independent to each other and could be executed in parallel.

So the time frame for your startup is ready. Now, only thing you need to do is to check the progress as per the defined time frame.

Wish you Luck for your startup.

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