Startup planning is the most critical stage for any startup as the precision of this framework outline will define the success probability during execution stage. Planning includes all the knowledge areas for startup activities that are going to take place in near future. Planning is building small units separately and then joining all those units into one to produce a large fruitful unit.

Manpower involved in the startup activities are the pillars of upcoming success story of the startup. Doesn’t matter how well you have defined all the baselines for your startup, ultimately its manpower who are going to execute the same. Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Communication, Risk, Procurement, Integration – all the verticals will be handled only by the team members involved in the startup.

Self motivation is the key quality required for all of the startup members when there is less source of motivation like fixed salary, appreciation etc, that’s the only difference between entrepreneur and employee, startup and job. Selecting friends is a great idea for startup team as all the people will have perfect running, but simultaneously, the required skill sets is also another important factor to avoid the workload and another major issues in coming future.

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Team Selection – Requirements

The requirements for team selection include all the activities that require human to execute it. For eg: Website design needs a web developer, marketing needs a marketing guy etc. Here is the list of requirements for startup team selection –

Work Breakdown Structure – WBS is the list of all the activities that need to be executed for successful launch and running of the startup. WBS is required as it gives the entire scope of activities that require manpower to execute the same.

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For example- if you are working on an e commerce website, the major classification of activities is as follow:

  • Website Design
  • Product Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Execution and Control

Skill Sets Required – All of the startup activities require a certain skill sets while executing the same. With the help of WBS, list down all the skill sets against each activity. The mapping of skill sets required for all of the major activties will define the number of team members for your startup.

For example – e commerce website major activties require following skillsets –

  • Website Design – IT skills
  • Product Management – Product management skills
  • Supply Chain Management – Logistics, Vendor Development, Negotiation, Scheduling skills
  • Marketing – Marketing skills
  • Execution and Control – Monitoring skills

Skill Sets

Team Selection – Steps

Approach 1 – To be used if the new team is being formed.

Assumption is that you don’t have any team in your hand and are free to choose are per your wish. Here are the steps to be followed for selection process –

  • All the activities that require human is the starting point for startup team selection process. So list down all the activities that need manpower for their execution.
  • Mapping of skill sets required for each of the activity is critical as it decides the manpower need. So highlight all the skills required for work breakdown structure.
  • Now choose the person having the required skills against each task based on his/her skills evaluation.
  • One another major factor to be considered here is the time frame of skills required. Lets say your need a marketing guy after 4 months so there is no need to keep that manpower idle for that much span of time.

Approach 2 – To be used if work to be distributed among team members

Assumption is that you have already defined the team members for your startup and you need to do the mapping of activities against each team member. Here are the steps to be followed in such scenario –

  • So you have defined the work breakdown structure for your startup and have mapped the required skills against each activity.
  • Next step is to find the skill sets of each team member. Don’t go with intuitions but get the exact level of skill sets of each team member.
  • Now assign the activities to each team member that are suitable based on the skill sets evaluation.

Team Selection – Outcome

The outcome of above exercise is the selection of team members and assignemnt of responsibilities to each team member based on requirement and skill sets mapping.

The next step in startup planning is to integrate all the knowledge areas of startup planning into one master plan.

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