As per basis understanding of calculus, “Integration is the process of joining small slices to find/make the whole

Startup planning integration is the process of joining the information of all verticals into one thread.


One single activity is associated with multiple resources. For example :- Vendor selection and development for your e-commerce startup requires multiple areas-

  • Cost – Cost associated with the development activities/meetings/proposals, cost associated with other legal and non legal documentation etc.
  • Time – Time frame required or decided for vendor development process
  • Quality – Bench marking standards associated with the product
  • Manpower – Required or selected manpower for the activity
  • Procurement – Purchasing of products/services required to develop the vendors
  • Communication – Information flow for flawless execution
  • Risk – Degree of risk associated with the activity and mitigation plan to overcome the same

Thus, at the time of execution of the said activity – vendor selection and development, the monitoring of each vertical/ resource needs to be done.  The proper execution of each single activity of the startup will depend on the successful integration and monitoring of each vertical.



How to Integrate the Information:

So here is the guideline to integrate all the verticals in one plan:-

  • Work breakdown structure is the starting point of integration
  • Integrate the cost associated with each activity to get an estimate of your entire expenditure
  • Integrate the timeline of each activity to ensure the overlapping of parallel and sequential activities
  • Integrate the quality benchmarks associated with each activity/product/service to ensure the proper outcome during execution
  • Integrate the manpower requirement for each activity to ensure the on-time execution of the same.
  • Integrate the purchasing of products/services for each activity
  • Integrate the flow of communication among all the stakeholders
  • Integrate the risk identified with each activity and associate the mitigation plans with each activity

Integration Plan


The result of above mentioned process will develop a master plan for your startup. This master plan shall be your guideline to track any roadblock in your execution phase of the startup.

Wish you luck for your startup.

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