“In every single person there is an entrepreneur hidden deep inside the valley of thoughts. There are very few who shed the comfort zone and strive to let that valley of thoughts come alive.”

Most of us including me brag about not having an Idea to work upon. Otherwise, as we declare, we could have been – more successful than the guys who own Microsoft, richer than the Bansals of India, more famous than Steve Jobs and smarter than Zack Ma.

But from where did these current day Pirates get the Idea to make such a loot in the public which runs into billions? Apple alone is valued at $651 Billion. Flipkart, in just 5-6 years, is able to achieve valuation of $15 billion. And those non live video aggregators – Youtube –  they have revenue running into billions too ! Ecommerce, Social networking, Food Delivery Apps, Hyper local delivery Apps, Maps, Games, tutor sites ! My boy ! There is an opportunity everywhere.

For those who generally have a tendency to quash the spark of “ Entrepreneur inside” for the want of a blockbuster idea (Nah, they don’t rely on a small idea which will run out of steam after earning only few Billion bucks), I must admit that there is opportunity right there in the every single action we daily do.

And So we have intended to identify the areas which could be looked for Idea generation. FS Labs has compiled the simplest guide for thinking about startup ideas. Let’s begin the journey with the beginning of the day.

Simplest Guide for Thinking about Startup Ideas

[A] Morning Blast

The very first thing that most of the people do once they come out of the imaginary world into reality is checking the major news and events of the day. Websites, Apps or newspaper all attract consumers based on their priorities. If you are a bachelor, the probability of waking up just before few minutes of your office departure is more. If you are a girl, the biggest question that revolves in your mind is “What should I wear today?” In all of these hurries, most of the time you forget the major belongings that you need to keep with you for office work or entire day.

So based on the major struggle of morning, following startup ideas could be generated –

  • Personalized News App – An app to customize and prioritized the news as per customer requirement is an idea that gets drive from above description.
  • Personalized Clothing & Styling App – An app which suggests the best suited clothing based on the options available with you is generated from the common struggle of girls when getting ready.
  • Personalized Organizer – An app that reminds you the required belongings for your entire day is driven by the morning struggle of mass.That App will definitely take care for the type of routine you have – Office/ Meetings/ Touring/ Travel/ Class/Makeup/ Movie/Running etc.
  • Personalized Breakfast App & Service –Most of the time while running late for the office show or class, either we tend to miss the breakfast or we feel too clueless about what to make. A personalized app based on the diet chart/ eating habits which could suggest you first thing in the morning about what to eat as breakfast, could be a great help. Breakfast service on demand – nothing could be more complimentary than this.  

[B] Office Struggle

Once you are ready to move for office, the struggle starts from the same moment. If your car is broken or fuel meter is reading zero, you need to look for the other alternatives. If you are stuck in the traffic and your boss is able to manage to reach office in time, all of your explanations will be considered as just excuses. Rising fuel prices might have forced you to think for the cheaper alternative for daily transportation.

After attending all the meetings of your hectic schedule, another issue that you face is “Lunch”. If you are not a good chef or not having someone to cook for you, you are forced to eat whatever is available in the office canteen. Getting back to home, if by mistake you recall what you were supposed to do in office and what you have done, the probability of forgetting some important work is quite huge.

In this entire hullabaloo, the chances of buying something important on the way back to home are negligible and the ultimate result is “a big fight with your spouse or parents”.

So based on the above mentioned common struggle of office personnel, following potentials startup ideas could be generated –

  • Personalized Organizer – The above mentioned personalized organizer could be extended to remind other essential activities as well like – getting milk or grocery on the way back to home, when fuel needs to be refilled etc.
  • Economical Transportation Alternative – An alternative for daily transportation that reduces the traffic problem and is within the affordability limits is the concept generated from daily office struggle.
  • Affordable, Hygienic and Tasty Food – Supply of healthy and affordable food to office personnel is another concept driven by the same.
  • Laundry service on demand – On demand laundry service would help you in your daily chores.

[C] Personal Life

Once you are back to home from work and want to spend time with your family, your mind is occupied with the required shopping that you need to make like grocery, clothing, electronics, home appliances etc. If your cell phone is running out of balance or your DTH subscription is expiring soon, you need to get it recharged. If your maid is on leave and you are tired enough to cook food yourself, you either need to go to some hotel / restaurant.

If you are planning for a movie / event / sport, you need to check the available options near you and availability of seats. If you are planning for a long weekend trip, you need to check the best place for you and make the required booking to avoid last time rush.

If you are leaving in a rented apartment and the owner is creating fuss, you need to check for the other alternatives. If you are not feeling well, you need to check the nearby doctors and get the medicine.

So all of such problems, gives raise to following startup ideas –

  • E-commerce – Availability of required stuff at few clicks instead of getting it offline generates the concept of e-commerce.
  • Helper Search Portal – A portal with verified information of available cook/maid or other service providers is driven by the daily encountered problem by mass.
  • Hyper Local Delivery – A startup delivering the goods from nearby shops is generated by the time constraint problem of daily hectic schedule.
  • Nearby Events Search Portal –
  • Travel Planner – A portal controlling the travel management – flight, train, bus, cab search and booking is driven by the problem of pre-planning of travel.
  • Hotel Booking Portal – Hotel search and booking is also an extension of travel planner portal.
  • House Search Portal – Directory portal of house on rent, purchase, pg etc. is also driven by the major problem faced by mass.
  • Health Care Portal – Directory portal of all the nearby doctors, health care tips and tricks, e-commerce portal for medicines purchase etc are solving the health related concerns of mass.

[D] Fun Time

Once you are free from all the common worries of daily life, the time comes for entertainment resources. Kids are fascinated with new computer game while youngsters want to enjoy movie, songs, cricket, football matches etc. Housewives enjoy daily soap series, kitty parties while old age person prefer to enjoy yoga, meditation etc.

Above mentioned refreshment resources gives rise to following concepts to startups –

  • Personalized Music, Movie and Entertainment Channel – An app / website providing personalized music, movie or entertainment channels is driven by the entertainment preferences of people.
  • Party Organizer – An outsider arranging everything for your party is driven by the entertainment related concerns of mass.
  • Gaming Zone –  Online gaming options are excellent time pass.
  • Online Booking of court/field for playing – An outdoor activity center booking like cricket ground, tennis or badminton court etc

[E] Student Life

If you are in your student life, the concerns that keep you busy all the time is whether your study or preparation is going in right direction, what are the options available for your career path, which college / university is best suited for you, what are the jobs available in the market etc.

Such concerns give rise to following startup concepts –

  • Directory Portals of Education – A portal containing the information of all the colleges, study material etc is driven by the problem faced by students.
  • Guide Portals – A portal providing consultation for your career path is driven by the confusions of students.
  • Online Coaching Portals – A portal that provides coaching to students solves the time, money constraints problems of students.
  • Job Portals – Job portals help students to get the jobs of their interest.

This was a small guide from Team FS to encourage people to think about startup concepts. Stay tuned with FS Labs to know more.

Fuckedup is a phrase that captures all the emotions associated with the startup journey.

If no concept clicks in your mind, you feel frustrated. If you are not able to manage a proper team for your startup, you feel irritated. If funds, revenue, expansion etc don’t take place as per planning and expectation, you feel infuriated.

To keep you away from all these feeling, FS is continuously providing you to the best guidelines, practices and market trends. Please share your feedback at contact@fuckedupstartups.com