RewardMe-CRM for Local Commerce

Brilliant Startup Concept

RewardMe was the world’s first Real-time Intelligent CRM Platform for Local Commerce, created to solve the most pressing problem facing local businesses today: the anonymous customer.

  • Online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart etc generate 60% of revenue by acting instantly on knowledge of visiting customers, while local commerce remains largely ignorant of the next customer to walk through their front door.
  • RewardMe brought the CRM capabilities of eCommerce giants to offline stores, giving merchants detailed knowledge of their unique customers, and the ability to act upon this information in real time.
  • RewardMe delivered this “inevitable future” of local commerce by connecting a network of devices: the Point-of-Sale System (POS), in-store interactive tablets, and consumer phones. The RewardMe Platform enabled commerce solutions like card-less loyalty, detailed customer analytic, e Receipts, surveys and feedback programs, intelligent mobile marketing, as well as vertical-specific applications that support the offline space.
  • While Google became hugely successful by monetizing the context of consumer search – what consumers seek – RewardMe hoped to monetize the context of consumer sales history – what they actually buy.

When Shit happened !!

  • Start Up – Initiator 12%
  • Startup – Planning 53%
  • Startup – Execution 78%
  • Startup – Monitoring & Control 93%
  • Startup – Closure Strategy 62%
  • Startup – Other Shits 38%

Why Shit Happened !!


Business Model






Other Factors

How Shit Could Be Prevented !!

1. Better Business Model :- Better market research and proper understanding of targeted local consumer need.

2. Better Product :- Making the product App based would have created a greater impact.

3. Better Man Power :- Dedicated team/personnel for specific tasks .

4. Better Planning:- Proper planning on each vertical : scope, schedule, technology, sales etc.

5. Better Finance Management:- Utilization of funds in improving product and reaching local consumers.

6. Other Improvements:- Reaching local consumers more actively.

May the “RewardMe” rest in peace.. !!