Brilliant Startup Concept

Fastr was the first and unique concept to engage customers for business promotions and customer queries in easy to handle and fully supported way:-

  • Methods that most of the companies use to engage its customers for business promotion are SMS, Calls, Chat, Video Chat, Emails etc. Similarly, the options available for users to get in touch with the concerned company are also same.
  • But these methods are not so effective as it should be. Every company has its own customer support system that is not so much robust.
  • Fastr was single platform where all the companies would be registers and users would subscribe to the desired company.
  • So all the business promotions and customer queries would come on one single platform, Fastr, that is easy to use and more effective to handle.

When Shit happened !!

  • Start Up – Initiator 38%
  • Startup – Planning 78%
  • Startup – Execution 98%
  • Startup – Monitoring & Control 84%
  • Startup – Closure Strategy 73%
  • Startup – Other Shits 49%

Why Shit Happened !!


Business Model






Other Factors

How Shit Could Be Prevented !!

1. Better Business Model :- Better market research and proper understanding of targeted companies and consumers need.

2. Better Product :-Connecting all the companies first for all the services related to consumer engagement and then reach the customers

3. Better Man Power :- Dedicated team/personnel for specific tasks .

4. Better Planning:- Proper planning on each vertical : scope, technology, sales etc.

5. Other Improvements:- Better revenue generation model.

May the “Fastr” rest in peace.. !!

Fuckedup is a phrase that captures all the emotions associated with the startup journey.

If no concept clicks in your mind, you feel frustrated. If you are not able to manage a proper team for your startup, you feel irritated. If funds, revenue, expansion etc don’t take place as per planning and expectation, you feel infuriated.

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