Startup Analysis

“Most of the startup ideas are inspired by the existing platforms in terms of business models, long term target of acquisition, improvement in existing platforms etc. Fuckedup Startups provide the complete analysis of startups’ acquisitions pattern- for long term acquisition vision, betterment of existing platforms – for better concept thinking, generic analysis of startups – for first cut planning of startup idea and lessons from other startups – to avoid the mistakes done by existing players.”

FS Analyser

Startup Guidelines

“Every single second a brilliant startup idea is born to handle at least a problem faced by mass. Most of the ideas wouldn’t able to survive for longer because entrepreneurs are not able to get the best guidelines for their startup. FS provides the complete guidelines for startup from idea evaluation stage to the execution of startup including the guidelines for planning, monitoring and control of Startup.”

FS Adviser

Failed Startups Analysis

“Failure analyses are the greatest source of learning and thinking in right direction. FS provides the complete details of startup failures on different verticals along with the failure case studies of startups to enable entrepreneurs to avoid the common mistakes at every stage.”

Failure Analysis

FS Recent Analysis

Better 1mg

1mg is one of the leading Indian startup of Health care sector. How it could be made better than the existing? Here are few thought from FS on betterment of 1mg.

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Knowledge Base that FS Provides


Startup Monitoring & Control

Get Perfect Guidelines for Your Startup Journey

Startup Guide

“Perfect guidelines is the key factor that determines the success probability of any startup. FS is committed to provide you the best guidelines developed by the cumulative experience of entrepreneurs and experienced by many during the startup journey. Stay tuned with FS Adviser to get the best guidelines for your startup journey.”

Develop Sustainable Business Model with FS Analyser

FS Analyser

“To have a sustainable startup business model is the most critical requirement to survive in the market. FS is committed to provide you a platform that helps you to develop a sustainable business model for your startup. FS is continuously fulfilling this commitment by providing the acquisition pattern and potential, betterment in existing startups, generic analysis of startups and lessons from other startups. Stay tuned with FS Analyser to grow your business model in right direction”

Lessons from Failed Startups

Failure Analysis

Startup Failure Analysis is the greatest source of learning for the entrepreneurs to avoid the common mistakes made during startup execution and ensure the success in one shot. FS is committed to provide you the complete analysis of failed but brilliant startup as a source of learning.Stay tuned to know the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and ensure the success of your startup in one shot”

For Whom FS is Beneficial !

Fuckedup Startups

New Entrepreneurs – to get the perfect guidelines for their startup

Experienced Entrepreneurs – to share the experience of startup journey

Students – to understand the basic concepts of startup

Startup Enthusiastic – to know the startup business model

Founders / Startups – to know the scope of improvements in existing startup business model